Eamon O’Donnell

Clinical Pharmacist & Vice-Chair Pharmacy Forum NI & Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

I work in primary care, supporting GP practices to manage chronically ill patients across several disease areas. This can involve patient facing clinic work, remote clinics as well as notes based audits and therapy reviews.

I initially spent six years in the community sector post-qualification, managing various pharmacy teams and delivering a range of additional services (vaccination, care home supply, addiction services, community project work) before moving to my current role. I joined the register in 2013.

I began my journey in pharmacy as a weekend healthcare advisor during university. I quickly understood how important pharmacists are within our healthcare system. I was in awe of the fantastic care, dedication and hard work exhibited by the pharmacists I worked with. Pharmacy is patient care. On a daily basis we strive to improve the lives of those around us and every day I am grateful that I get the opportunity to make a difference. We are a vital component within the healthcare system and our role continues to expand to new areas within the primary and secondary care sector  – it’s a very exciting time to be a pharmacist!

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