Professor Lezley-Anne Hanna

Professor of Pharmacy Education at Queen’s University Belfast, School of Pharmacy

My role centres on training student pharmacists to be safe and effective healthcare professionals and inspiring them to be passionate about the profession. Through various teaching and learning approaches, I aim to foster the development of key skills and knowledge so that students are equipped to positively contribute to person-centred care, as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

I initially worked in community practice for a multinational company and have always loved learning and professional development (my parents are teachers). Being mentored and challenged by colleagues enabled me to complete a PhD, undertake scholarship, secure fellowships, contribute to regulatory, professional and educational organisations, and gain national teaching recognition.

I have been an academic pharmacist at Queen’s University Belfast since 2004 and completed a PhD (relating to evidence-based decision-making and over-the-counter consultations) in 2010. I was promoted to Senior Lecturer (Education) in 2013 and then to Professor (Education) in 2019.

I am passionate about pharmacy because there are diverse roles and numerous opportunities to positively impact on patient and health care, across many sectors, and in collaboration with others. As scientist healthcare practitioners, we have extensive expertise in medicines and other therapeutic agents from discovery and development to their safe supply and use by patients. 

NI is a great place to study and work as a pharmacist. The two NI Schools of Pharmacy are among the highest ranked in the UK. Additionally, there is a clear vision for the profession, and we have support to enable progression and recognition. I hope I can motivate and encourage others to join this exciting, evolving, and rewarding profession.

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