Karen Miller

Consultant Pharmacist for Older People, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

In my job, I help to improve the quality of older people’s lives by supporting, developing and evaluating models of pharmaceutical care, which focus on optimising medicines using a person centred approach.

My interest in pharmacy developed when I worked in a pharmacy at the weekends from the age of 15. I loved the blend of science and patient contact! After completing my pharmacy degree I then undertook a PhD. However, the prospects of working with patients beckoned again and since 1991, I have been working as a hospital pharmacist.

In Northern Ireland, we are living much longer, which of course is great news! By 2034, the over 65 year olds will make up 25% of our population. This will have consequences for pharmacy because living longer often means living with multiple co-morbidities requiring polypharmacy. Pharmacists can play a significant role in optimising medication because as we age we become more sensitive to medicines and we can experience adverse drug events such as falls and cognitive impairment as a consequence. Pharmacists are readily accessible to the citizens of NI through community pharmacy, GP practices and hospitals and I am proud of the work we do keeping us both well and safe.

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