Rebecca Laird

Pharmacy student, Ulster University

I am a final year pharmacy student in Ulster University and I also work part-time in my local community pharmacy. I have worked as a pharmacy assistant in my local community pharmacy for two years.

I decided to study pharmacy as I have always had a passion for helping others and pharmacy enables me to use my knowledge to care for patients. I was also always fascinated by chemistry growing up and I strived to know more about how medications worked in the body.

I am passionate about pharmacy as you can have a huge impact on a patient’s quality of life, and you become a trusted professional in whom they can confide.

In Northern Ireland, the pharmacists’ role in healthcare is expanding with independent prescribing, which provides the pharmacist greater autonomy. Pharmacists in Northern Ireland are a crucial part of the multi-disciplinary team and use their knowledge and training to improve patient outcomes.

The Master of Pharmacy programme in Northern Ireland is excellent and enables students to graduate as confident and competent professionals.  I would highly recommend studying pharmacy in Northern Ireland as it is a beautiful place to live and the support received as a pharmacy student has excelled all my expectations.

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